Support Jimmy

The best way to support Jimmy is to:

1. Vote for Jimmy during the Democratic Primary on June 14th.

You can vote for Jimmy even if you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent because Jimmy does not have Republican or Independent opposition.

June 14th is your ONLY chance to have a voice in the selection of your SC Representative.

2. Contact your friends and family to remind them to vote on June 14th.


Thank you for considering to contribute to Jimmy's campaign for re-election. Contributions are always greatly appreciated.

To contribute, please mail the check to:

Representative Jimmy Bales
1515 Crossing Creek Road
Eastover, SC 29044
Att: Re-Elect Jimmy Bales Committee

IMPORTANT: South Carolina law limits the contribution amount to $1,000 per contributor per election cycle.

Contact Jimmy
Contact Information


Rep. Jimmy Bales
503A Blatt Building
Columbia, South Carolina 29201


Rep. Jimmy Bales
1515 Crossing Creek Road
Eastover, South Carolina 29044